Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hitting the Road!

Well, it's FINALLY that time of year! Time to travel to my favorite place this side of heaven: Maine. From the moment I leave, I start to dream of the day I will get to return to the lake. There is no more beautiful place to spend time then our little cabin on the lake and I use the term "lake" very loosely. The lake, actually named Echo Lake, known as Puffer's Pond to the locals is only one wide and less than ten miles long. To me, it's as big as the ocean.

This year, my daughter, Hillary, and I will be making the trip by car. That's right, by car.  Our 16 year old bichon, Wilby, is no longer able to make the trip by plane because of his arthritis coupled with the fact that he is now totally deaf and almost blind.  His Vet feels that it would be too stressful for him and could be the end of the poor old man so it's off we go!

I'm certainly NOT one for road trips. I hate being trapped in a car.  Even with knitting to keep me occupied, all I want to do is sleep! With that being said, I'm going to look upon this trip as a once in a lifetime chance to spend 48 hours in a car with my daughter traveling COMPLETELY across the country. 

For me, even with the invention of the GPS, a AAA TripTik is a must.  It may not "speak" to you but the additional it gives you is so valuable.  Our TripTik tells us that it is 3,334 miles from our "house" in Southern California to our "home" in Maine. WOW, now that IS a cross-country trip!

Well, I'm choosing to view this trip as an opportunity to spend some well needed time with my daughter. We have so much fun together. I know that there will be screaming (SLOW DOWN), crying (I'm sick of this), and weight gain (pass those potato chip - I'm bored) but there will be more laughing than anything else.  A trip of a lifetime. A cross-country road trip. Awe, what we do for the love of our pets.

We plan on videoing lots of our adventures so there may be a clip or two on the blog. If not, there will certainly be photos.

I'd ask you to wish us luck but I don't believe in luck. Your prayers would be very much welcomed!

Photos: Hillary, Echo Lake, Lobsters, and Wilby