Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Podcaster Challenge Winners

Mother Bear KAL Group: 231 Bears Total!!!
Knitabulls: 34 participants - 66 bears
Knittin' on the Fly: 13 participants - 50 bears
MommyNeedsYarn: 25 participants - 35 bears
DragonflySoars: 15 participants- 28 bears
KnittingBlooms: 16 participants - 26 bears
Exchange Student in Fiberland: 10 participants - 18 bears
Knitbytes: 3 participants - 3 bears
Barknknit: 2 participant - 2 bear

KAL Project:
Knittin' on the Fly: 26 completed projects (cannot count Katie's project)
Knitbytes: 23 completed projects
Knitabulls: 10 completed projects
Miss Elle Knits: 8 completed projects
BrittKnits: 8 completed projects
DomesticaKatedDarling: 6 completed projects
Dragonfly Soars: 6 completed projects
Knit1HeartToo: (Sheila) 6 completed projects; (Wendy) 3 completed projects
Dramatic Knits: 5 completed projects
Addicted to Yarn: 3 completed projects
NoteableNeedlework: 3 completed projects
Exchange Student in Fiberland: 2 completed projects
MommyNeedsYarn: 2 completed projects
Knitting Blooms: 1 completed project
A Cronic Knitter: 1 completed project

Prize Category Winners:
Most Altered Pattern: DramaticKnits (Steve)
Best Yarn Choice: Knit1HeartToo (Sheila)
Talkin' Smack: Knit1HeartToo (Wendy) - I think people were afraid NOT to vote for her!
Suffered Through It: Exchange Student in Fiberland (MariGayle)
Special Guest: Knitabulls (Diane)
Hot Mess: Exchange Student in Fiberland (MariGayle)
Super Knitter: NoteableNeedlework (Kate)
Most Creative Photography: Proverbial Knitter

****************Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast*****************

Check out my previous post for photographs of the prizes (except for the Grand Prize Category - photos of those items to follow in the coming days)

**Disclaimer: The numbers were checked and re-checked and are accurate to the best of my ability. If you split your vote between more than one individual in a single category, those votes were not counted.